Stained Glass Quilting

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023
10:00am & 6:00pm

We're excited to be partnering with Marc from Master Repurposers for this special Quilt inspired Stained Glass! Each one is unique as participants are able to choose their own colors! Craft your very own Stained Glass with no prior experience! Be sure to book your ticket, and join us on March 22nd, at 10am and another class at 6pm! These workshops need a minimum of 5 people to run.

Tickets are $125 for non-members, and $110 for members!


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Artist Bio:
Spiritually, I have been an artist for most of my life. For the last 27 years, I have worked in the medium of Stained Glass, utilizing both the copper foil and lead techniques, but those categories don’t define my work. I regularly integrate repurposed and recycled items into my original works as they bring inspiration, surprise, and a little fun into each composition. In example, you may find a vintage citrus juicer or an antique tail light lens adding pattern and dimension to a piece, with a little bit of history thrown in for good measure. I enjoy my work most when working with these unconventional elements, as I find them to be both inspirational and challenging at the same time.
My relocation to Knoxville, 2 years ago, has presented me with a wide range of artistic opportunities, with exhibitions at the Fountain City Library, The Emporium, the Big Ears Festival and the Rossini Festival, along with numerous “Makers Markets” within the East TN region. I also teach stained glass in my home studio as well as in other Art Centers around the region. I also enjoy my association with the Arts and Culture Alliance and The Maker City organizations.